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Activate Your Purpose. Reclaim Your Power.

“When you feel safe to be all of who you are and claim your desires, you access your inner power and make it safe for other women to do the same.”

Stacè Middlebrooks



Move from Fear to Freedom. Create more clarity around who you are, who you intend to be, what really gets in the way, and how to live authentically and fully self-expressed.


Move from Chaos to Alignment. Create a sense of calm through harmonizing all parts of your life. Give yourself permission to slow down, be intentional, be confident in your purpose, prioritize your needs, and create healthy boundaries.

Conscious Commitment

Move from Lost to Ignited. Finally be in your sovereignty to commit to yourself and passionately pursue your dreams. No more lone-wolfing and no more abandoning yourself.

happy Clients

“I’ve had mentors in the past and have seen some success, but I still struggled with getting overwhelmed when things didn’t go my way and I never felt confident with regulating my emotions in moments of adversity.

After working closely with Stacè for ~8 months, I was able to utilize frameworks and tactics she shared with me which resulted in me having incredible breakthroughs in my personal and professional growth. Stacè’s coaching and mentoring style is simple, yet actionable, and I love how she always empowered me to think and believe in a better version of myself. These methods of thinking and the feedback she provided helped me tremendously, and I am now incorporating activities like journaling and her frameworks like “pause and effect” to challenge my ways of thinking and overcoming adversity with calmness and clarity in my decisions.

Many mentors promise to challenge you and give step-by-step guidance but still leave you wondering what to do next. Stacè’s leadership is different. She cares, she’s intentional and she is transformational. At the end of our time together, I found peace and harmony with myself both personally and professionally and even though I am a continuous work in progress, I know that when adversity arises, I can lean on my experience and the lessons I learned during my time with her and can count on that to get me through.

Thank you, Stacè! I’m super-grateful for your leadership and most importantly, your intentionality and dedication to help me grow!”

— Bree Hinkle

“I know that connecting with Stacè was no coincidence, for me. Even during our first call, I knew that I had just met one of the most divinely guided women in my life and instantly felt a sense of kindredness. During our coaching relationship of a little over a year, I left every session feeling uplifted, honored, and having a heart overflowing with gratitude for the work we were during together and all that Stacè is. She gave me tools and resources, as I soaked up so much knowledge and wisdom. I truly felt myself moving towards a clear understanding of myself and my empowered path and purpose.

Stacè guided me in uncovering and accepting the fullness of my identity, helped me understand how to navigate corporate culture as a black woman, and through this raised self-awareness and discovery of my core values, my confidence and assuredness in the workplace and in my relationships has soared. The positive impact she had on me was then manifesting real change in my life that others could see. People began to notice changes in the way that I carry myself and speak. I was then recognized and promoted. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I continue to follow her lead and can absolutely say that she has changed my life for the better, helping me see myself for who I truly am.”

— Kierra Stanley

“Coach Stacè has played an incremental role in both my personal and career development over the past couple of years. From career clarity and career transitions to leadership development – Coach Stacè has helped me tackle a variety of topics. Her coaching style is thoughtful, inclusive, empowering, and joyful and I attribute our first session as a life-changing encounter.”

— Ashley Falcon

Why choose us?

Purpose Powered Coaching + Consulting, LLC

Be free now!

You deserve to be seen in your authenticity and you are worthy of being in your power.

You are an accomplished, high-achiever and you are exhausted being everything to everybody. You navigate corporate culture and other systems, but you have compromised parts of who are to succeed, be it your femininity, your Blackness or ethnicity, or the intersectionality of both. You are your last priority, and you feel the pain of resentment for that.

On the outside it looks like you have everything together – the successful career, the money, the lifestyle, the partner, the family, the house, the car, etc. You move gracefully through it all and make it look easy. People always come to you for advice and expect you to deliver.

On the inside you are suffering. You are exhausted, feel like you are suffocating, feel stifled, or feel the self-imposed pressure to keep it all up. You have become a respected leader and have authority, but secretly feel powerless over your own life. You’ve built so much that it feels like you can’t stop doing all the things because if you do, you fear you will lose it all. You feel like you can’t slow down and you wonder when there will be time for you. You feel shut down, maybe you struggle with expressing your true thoughts and feelings. It’s like living out of habit versus living from passion. You wonder what happened to your dreams and if it’s too late.

You are right on time! Everything you have learned from all you have been through prepared you for right now. I promise you there is a better way! You get to step fully into your identity embracing your unique authenticity, reclaim power within, and follow your divine aligned path.


Follow These Steps

First, tell me about yourself. Scroll down and fill out the short form and apply for a free clarity call with me.

Next, show up. Join the call so you and I can customize a plan to help you unleash your authenticity, build your confidence, and reclaim your power.

Finally, let’s work. Work 1-on-1 with me to get the results you want.

What’s included?

All Clients Can Expect the Following:


1-on-1 coaching plus coach support to help you transform your life

Powerful Presence Signature System to guide you through your transformations
First access to events
Self-expression and embodiment practices to anchor your learning

Your unique powerful presence codes to help you easily access your power

So much more!

meet Your Coach

Stacè is a women’s empowerment coach, author, speaker, inner power priestess, purpose ignitor, and diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant with over 20 years of corporate experience.

She has been a Chief Diversity Officer and a global leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion at Fortune 500 companies. After corporate life, Stacè created her own company, Purpose Powered Coaching + Consulting where she coaches women, specializing in coaching Black women in leadership. Using her gifts as a lightworker combined with her expertise in navigating corporate spaces, Stacè coaches and guides women in being their most authentic and aligned selves so they can live and lead with purpose and power. Stacè is on a mission to hold sisters by the hand and walk them home to themselves. She is a Way-shower guiding women to priestess their lives aligned with their highest calling so they can live freely in their sovereignty and enjoy their birthrights. Stacè believes women get to live and lead with purpose and power.

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  • Are you ready to commit to DO the work it’s going to take?
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